2015-2016 Season

DEADWOOD DICK |  April 8 - April 17

Welcome the town of Hootin Holler, where the good citizens once went about their daily lives in peace, until an army of bandits appeared, threatening to overrun the town. Enter our illustrious hero, Deadwood Dick, intent on rescuing all the distressed damsels and imperiled innocents he can find. But there’s more to this sleepy little village than meets the eye, and what seems like a simple case of saving the day turns into a tale of deception, danger, and the glint of gold. Outrageous adventures, daring deeds, and dastardly foes abound as heroes and villains collide in this hilarious adaptation of the 19th century dime novels of Deadwood Dick.

Rated: A for All Ages 

Directed by Sheila Noel

Written by Shawn Overton

Playhouse Merced presents DEADWOOD DICK
photos by Shawn Overton


Deadwood Dick: Chris Battisti

Calamity Jane: Bernadette Mello

Maleficio Montjoy: Stephen Mouillesseaux

Montana Joe: Paul Wegner

Sheriff Diamond: Wesley Vasquez

Little Toothpick: Jordalin Jenkins

Chrysanthemum Rose: Melissa Beckwith

Cinnamon Charley: Noelle Chandler

Terpsichore Tacet: Karen Whitmyre

Reverend Holler: Micah Chandler

Horatio Hootin: David Whitmyre

Hedda Hootin: Darci Day

Holly Holler: Selena Spangler

Harford Hootin: Tyler Botill

Hallie Hootin: Jade Seymour

Old Grizz: Dave Elam

The Phantom: Aaron Jenkins II


Spittoonia Pting: Tania Moore

Plethora Coffey: Amanda Holcomb

Fantastico: August Seymour

Rabbit: Grady Seymour

Olio Actress: Aralyn Day


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