2015-2016 Season

MARY POPPINS | November 20 - December 13

One of the most popular Disney movies of all time is capturing hearts in a whole new way: as a practically perfect musical! Based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film, Mary Poppins is a perfect holiday musical for the entire family. Even grown ups can learn a lesson or two from the nanny who advises that "Anything can happen if you let it."


Rated: A for All Ages 

Directed by Rob Hypes

Musical Direction by Dennis Brown

Playhouse Merced presents MARY POPPINS  
photos by Shawn Overton


Mary Poppins: Jenni Samuelson
Bert: Colton Dennis
George Banks: Ron Daily
Winifred Banks: Marit Medefind
Jane: Miori Kennedy
Michael: Spencer Brown

Miss Lark: Jessica Dimpel
Admiral Boom: Brad Reed
Mrs. Brill: Karen Linn
Robertson Ay: Chris Ingle
Birdwoman/Miss Andrew: Alicia Bohlke
Mrs. Corry: Natalie Woodfield


Abby Samuelson
Anastacia Munoz
Autumn Bier
Danielle Carranza
Deborah Hanning
Emmaleigh Irish
Jade Seymour
Katy Uyeno
Nicole Terry
Tassha Tilakamonkul
Taylor Rain Coleman

Aaron Morgan
Aidan O'Herin
Chris Espinoza
Dylan Allred
Easton Seymour
Henry Flores
Nate Alvarez
Tyler Botill

Mary Poppins-165
Mary Poppins-161
Mary Poppins-164
Mary Poppins-162
Mary Poppins-163
Mary Poppins-159
Mary Poppins-160
Mary Poppins-156
Mary Poppins-157
Mary Poppins-158
Mary Poppins-155
Mary Poppins-153
Mary Poppins-154
Mary Poppins-151
Mary Poppins-152
Mary Poppins-150
Mary Poppins-149
Mary Poppins-147
Mary Poppins-148
Mary Poppins-146
Mary Poppins-145
Mary Poppins-144
Mary Poppins-143
Mary Poppins-142
Mary Poppins-141
Mary Poppins-140
Mary Poppins-139
Mary Poppins-138
Mary Poppins-137
Mary Poppins-136
Mary Poppins-133
Mary Poppins-135
Mary Poppins-134
Mary Poppins-130
Mary Poppins-132
Mary Poppins-131
Mary Poppins-129
Mary Poppins-128
Mary Poppins-126
Mary Poppins-127
Mary Poppins-125
Mary Poppins-121
Mary Poppins-124
Mary Poppins-123
Mary Poppins-122
Mary Poppins-120
Mary Poppins-119
Mary Poppins-118
Mary Poppins-117
Mary Poppins-116
Mary Poppins-115
Mary Poppins-114
Mary Poppins-113
Mary Poppins-112
Mary Poppins-111
Mary Poppins-109
Mary Poppins-110
Mary Poppins-108
Mary Poppins-107
Mary Poppins-105
Mary Poppins-106
Mary Poppins-103
Mary Poppins-104
Mary Poppins-101
Mary Poppins-102
Mary Poppins-100
Mary Poppins-99
Mary Poppins-96
Mary Poppins-98
Mary Poppins-97
Mary Poppins-95
Mary Poppins-94
Mary Poppins-92
Mary Poppins-93
Mary Poppins-91
Mary Poppins-89
Mary Poppins-90
Mary Poppins-88
Mary Poppins-87
Mary Poppins-85
Mary Poppins-86
Mary Poppins-84
Mary Poppins-81
Mary Poppins-83
Mary Poppins-82
Mary Poppins-80
Mary Poppins-79
Mary Poppins-78
Mary Poppins-77
Mary Poppins-76
Mary Poppins-75
Mary Poppins-72
Mary Poppins-74
Mary Poppins-73
Mary Poppins-71
Mary Poppins-70
Mary Poppins-68
Mary Poppins-66
Mary Poppins-69
Mary Poppins-67
Mary Poppins-62
Mary Poppins-63
Mary Poppins-65
Mary Poppins-64
Mary Poppins-59
Mary Poppins-61
Mary Poppins-60
Mary Poppins-58
Mary Poppins-57
Mary Poppins-55
Mary Poppins-54
Mary Poppins-56
Mary Poppins-53
Mary Poppins-52
Mary Poppins-51
Mary Poppins-50
Mary Poppins-48
Mary Poppins-47
Mary Poppins-49
Mary Poppins-46
Mary Poppins-45
Mary Poppins-43
Mary Poppins-42
Mary Poppins-44
Mary Poppins-40
Mary Poppins-41
Mary Poppins-38
Mary Poppins-39
Mary Poppins-36
Mary Poppins-37
Mary Poppins-34
Mary Poppins-35
Mary Poppins-31
Mary Poppins-32
Mary Poppins-33
Mary Poppins-30
Mary Poppins-27
Mary Poppins-29
Mary Poppins-28
Mary Poppins-26
Mary Poppins-24
Mary Poppins-22
Mary Poppins-25
Mary Poppins-23
Mary Poppins-21
Mary Poppins-20
Mary Poppins-19
Mary Poppins-18
Mary Poppins-17
Mary Poppins-15
Mary Poppins-16
Mary Poppins-14
Mary Poppins-13
Mary Poppins-10
Mary Poppins-12
Mary Poppins-11
Mary Poppins-9
Mary Poppins-8
Mary Poppins-6
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Mary Poppins-5
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Mary Poppins-2
Mary Poppins-1-2
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