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Grades K-8

Join Alice as she journeys down a different rabbit hole and meets Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, all while the Queen of Hearts plots to bring her back. For as few as 12 and as many as 65 students, this option features familiar characters and catchy tunes.


Music Sample

"Which Path," from Alice in Neverland

Grades K-6

A modernized version of the 12 Labors of Hercules, this play is perfect for both boys and girls who are interested in a fun, educational live theatre experience. Full of animals, wacky characters and high-energy antics, this play can accommodate as few as 10 and as many as 65 actors.


Music Sample

"Hercules the 4th Grade Hero" from Hercules the 4th Grade Hero

 the 4th Grade Hero

Grades K-8

A young engineer enters her time machine in the science fair, only to have it stolen by a businessman who wants to put his name on all of California History! Follow along as the hi-jinks ensue, and learn about your home state at the same time! Will accommodate 15 to 65 actors. 

A Time Traveler's

History of

The Experience

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