Play Anywhere is a two week after-school performing arts experience in which students learn choreography, blocking, and music technique in preparation for a 30-minute live theatre performance!  Utilizing trained Playhouse Merced teaching staff, the "Play Anywhere" program empowers students and staff across an entire campus to turn their cafeteria into a theatre and their students into Broadway stars!

Alice in Neverland

Alice in Neverland follows Alice as she chooses to go down the rabbit hole to Neverland instead of Wonderland, and features beloved characters from both classic tales!

Hercules the 4th Grade Hero

Hercules the 4th Grade Hero is a modern retelling of the 12 labors of Hercules.  When a strong 4th Grader does not see his dad much, who is there for him to look up to?

A Time Traveler's History of California

A Time Traveler's History of California joins Harmony, a feisty young scientist, as her invention gets stolen, and she must follow the thief back in time to make sure the History of California is safe!

Sombra Del Sol

Sombra Del Sol  magically sends four rival youth back into the myths and history of their village.  There, they must learn the importance of culture, individuality, and friendship, and must work to restore the balance between the spirits of light and darkness!

The Play Anywhere Program

What We Provide

  • Scripts, CDs, and T-shirts (digital access to rehearsal music also available)

  • Two weeks of rehearsal with 2-3 professionally trained Play Anywhere Theatre Instructors

  • A traveling kit of set pieces, lights, sound, costumes and props

  • One-Page programs for keepsakes

  • Up to 4 scheduled performances for students, staff, and parents

  • Packets with show specific resources, including daily handouts for parents

  • Permission slips to send home, giving Play Anywhere students to miss otherwise scheduled activities such as sports practices an after-school meetings during the two-week process

What We Require

  • A large, uninterrupted, space for 2-3 hours per scheduled rehearsal (The two week process is intensive and requires a student's full attention.  For this reason we ask that all possible arrangements be made prior to the audition date to ensure that Play Anywhere is the ONLY program being run in the designated rehearsal space)

  • Filled out and signed audition forms for every student plus an organized list of names

  • Access to a minimum of one outlet for multimedia resources during rehearsals

  • Minimum of one supervisory teacher or adult (school assigned) for emergencies

  • Storage for drops and boxes of materials

  • Set up and take down time before and after dress rehearsals and performances

  • Snack plan

25 hours from first read to final bow!

A theatre experience you will want to repeat again and again!


Beth Christensen

Education Director


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