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How Teachers, Principals and Superintendents Can Utilize Playhouse Merced

Playhouse Merced is 501(c) 3 nonprofit which is dedicated to educating, entertaining and enlightening the Central Valley through live theatre and performing arts education. Our Education Departments works directly with schools to coordinate on a variety of opportunities to make sure that no budget is too small to experience live theatre.

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Listed below are our two most popular options for schools to experience live theatre. For a live theatre experience in your very own multipurpose room, using your very own kids, please visit our "Play Anywhere Page." Please contact us and let us know which option is right for your school.

Daytime School Shows

"Playhouse is the best kept secret in Merced"

– Playhouse Merced Patron

Throughout the year and as scheduling permits, Playhouse Merced offers daytime opportunities for schools to send their students and teachers to Playhouse Merced on field trips, to get much-needed cultural enrichment as well as a deeper literary experience. All performances are 90 minutes or less and cost $5 per student, with additional charges for adults.


To learn more about our offerings throughout the 2018-2019 school year, please call (209) 725-8587 or email

Henry Flores and Melissa Beckwith

at Green Valley Charter School, 2017

"One, Two, Let's Play Zoo!"

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The Playhouse Merced Traveling Players

For a single morning or afternoon of live theatre that takes place right on your elementary or middle-school campus, check out the Playhouse Merced Traveling Players. Specializing in movable sets, easily portable costumes and a 30-minute age-appropriate show, these two trained actors will bring the live theatre experience to you!


The Traveling Players cost $300 to book and come with two actors, a set, and whatever props and costumes they need.

The 2017-2018 Playhouse Merced Traveling Players options are:

“One, Two, Let’s Play Zoo!” for grades K-3                                                           An interactive theatre experience which allows children to participate in rhythm work, naming animals and hearing all about a day trip to Zoolahlah Zoo!


To learn more about our offerings throughout the 2018-2019 school year, please call (209) 725-8587 or email



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