2015-2016 Season

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD |  June 10 - June 12

Produced with the Merced Theater, To Kill a Mockingbird tells the story of Scout, a young girl in a quiet southern town that is quickly divided after an attack on a young white woman. The accused, a young African American man will only be defended by one lawyer in town, Atticus Finch, Scout's father. A community theater tradition, To Kill A Mockingbird is deeply moving and an incredible adaptation of a classic book.


Rated: A for All Ages


Jean Louise "Scout" Finch: Jade Seymour

Jeremy "Jem" Finch: Lucca Lorenzi

Atticus Finch: Colton Dennis

Mayella Ewell: Selena Spangler

Tom Robinson: G.B. Blackmon III

Dill: Nate Dimpel Alvarez

Jean Louise Finch: Jenni Samuelson

Calpurnia: Myisha Reed

Miss Maudie Atkinson: Kristi Rieg

Bob Ewell: John Mayer

Arthur "Boo" Radley/Nathan Radley: Paul Wegner

Reverend Sykes: Joseph Walker

Heck Tate: David Whitmyre

Judge Taylor: Dave Elam

Walter Cunningham: Nevin Koepnick

Miss Stephanie Crawford: Jessica Dimpel

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose: Karen Damme

Mr. Gilmer: Chris Ingle

Helen Robinson: Latia Winfrey

Clerk: Haley Paulissian


Jordanlin Jenkins

Aaron Jenkins II

Niara Jones

Lizzy Lourenco

Lisa Ingle

Brenda Costa Peterson

Tyler Botill

Abby Samuelson

Tiffany Costa

Spencer Brown

Zak Dimpel Alvarez

Joseph Brown

Randy Mason Jr.

Directed by Dusty Guthier

Playhouse Merced presents TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
photos by Shawn Overton

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