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What is Merced Feud?

Playhouse Merced’s version of MERCED  FEUD is based on the historic, long-running game show, likely to be familiar to most contestants.   We provide the  equipment, the “surveys” and a talented, charismatic host.

YOU provide the “families”.  Our Host will ask survey questions, which teams will compete to try to “clear” the board and get the top survey answers for the top score.

What are my Business/Organization’s Benefits?

The Merced Feud provides your organization several different options to compete within the most unique team building, friendly competition activity in an audience driven fun and energetic atmosphere, while simultaneously gaining positive public exposure and unparalleled local publicity, not to mention, you are supporting our community’s performing arts theatre - the Playhouse Merced.

Merced Feud does not require special knowledge to play – It is great fun, exacting humor and a fast-paced activity,  with just the right amount of competition between two teams from the same organization (sales team v customer service team) or competing organizations.  (two real estate firms or same business/franchise but different locations)  A GREAT TEAM BUILDER & FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Sign -Up using the Form ~  Playhouse Merced can help make this event memorable and rewarding for ALL!  

Do you have Questions?  

Please Do Not Hesitate to Call/Text  209-581-7201  or  Email:

we can assist your team building - challenge event !! It's the Greatest!

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